We are focused on the development of multimedia hardware, creating and manufacturing the most innovative and functional solutions. Our company develops the entire process, from the initial idea, throughout the prototyping phase, manufacturing, assembly, implementation and maintenance.

We add value to all of our customized products, from multimedia kiosks to signage hardware. Our solutions can be provided with full integrated equipment such as high resolution screens, multi-touch solutions, printers, scanners and many more.

Design consultancy

Product design and development, delivering a turnkey solution to create successful and profitable products for our clients.
We use design as a strategic tool to create products that really matter. Embracing a holistic approach on innovative solutions with sustainable impact. Developing products that follows an efficient creative process from conception to implementation, escorting the growth of our partners and clients.

Research & Manufacturing

Manufacturing solutions, taking in account the most sustainable processes and Quality Control.

We are focused in the industrial development and manufacturing of multimedia hardware, following basic project guidelines and transforming them into innovative and functional solutions. 

The research of materials and industrial processes are the core foundation of our business by providing our partners a cohesive, efficient and reliable expertise.

Assembly & Deployment

Complete solutions to install, assemble and deploy equipment according to the best procedures and technical background.
Our company develops the entire process, from the initial idea, through the prototyping phase, manufacturing, assembling, implementation and maintenance. Where we combine an efficient technical background with high quality and reliable processes.


From creation to deployment, we offer a complete service with an holistic and pervasive vision.

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